Born 1987, in Washington DC;  lives and works in Philadelphia, PA 


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; MFA, 2013

James Madison University; BFA, 2010 

Uncertainty is neither good nor bad, rather it is a fact about my work, and the way I see the world. I believe that as a painter it’s important to struggle, and to never be entirely sure of what you are saying, because often times complete certainty closes the doors for change and reinterpretation. Complete certainty lacks honesty, as no one can truly be certain in all things. My artwork depicts a struggle between the grittiness in life and childish happiness, with sporadic moments of sureness. In the fight between glittery neon and dirt, my paintings are sometimes unsure of which elements are dominant, or more important.


As an artist I have no critical standpoint regarding the content behind my work. I do not claim to know if things are right or wrong, better or worse. I do not intend for my paintings to prove a point, rather bring something to attention. I highlight things about the world, picking them out from the pages of society, recognizing the existence of personal truths, and allowing viewers to connect with a reflection of my experiences.